Saturday, October 2, 2010

Boy's kimono "Jimbei" with a traditional Japanese pattern such as Kamon

Recently, I have many chance to learn about kimono from Brisbane's kimono lover. next two times, I will talk about the kimono stories which were happened today, at my shop(Kazuyo's collection), Paddington.
The first story is about the boy's kimono"Jimbei". Generally Jimbei is made of fine cotton and a set of kimono jacket & a pair of short pants.
Since I opened shop, I have made a couple of kid's kimono jackets for my customer's children.
This time, the customer is interested in "Multicultural" (not only as a fashion).
I straightly picked the traditional pattern as his fabric.
The kimono pattern is called "Kasane-hishi(looks like chains of diamond shaped!!)"
As your image, the meaning is "Linking"(continuing forever!) ,"keep your happiness, joys".
Kasane-hishi was also popular as Kamon(Family crests).
If very interesting, please visit the web Kimono-Hudoki. The website is written by Japanese, but very good contents and well-knowledge about kimono, kamon, Japanese textiles etc.
Hope you can use your translation function on your PC!

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