Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kazuyo's collection - Christmas trading and Usagidoshi

Kazuyo's collection, Japanese art& craft, tea shop (98 Latrobe tce Paddington QLD) will reopen on the 22nd Jan 2011.

I finish my work at shop today. This year, I have had a great time with my accompany through a tiny shop(space).

Holding my hope, I will have a holiday with my daughter in Japan.

Our life is always "up and down" I am always learning how combine our ideas, how compromise betweens, how make a great harmony my Brisbane life.

Usagi-doshi(Rabbit year)'s feature are;
combine our ideas for looking for the best way,
prioritises "human being right"

I will keep trying to show some sense of value for "Japanese beauty" with my accompany.

Japanese vintage kimono beauty - why I have been making vintage kimono bags and others with vintage kimono. Because I can show Japanese beauty such as the four seasons, landscape, architectures, cultures easily on Vintage kimono textile's patterns.

Japanese vintage kimono beauty - 3R remake, recycle and revival, this challenge will keep in my mind.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2011!

(Illustrated by Akiko Fujii - my youngest sister)

All things has "FIRST STEP"
Let's try!
Once get your first step, it will produce some future...


glennjf said...

Best wishes to you and your family Kaz :)

david said...

Your work is fantastic - we look forward to your return
Have a great time in Japan

Anonymous said...

A beautiful image for the year of the rabbit... I hope your holiday and your visit with your daughter brought all the joy you could possibly have wished for.

I wanted to write and tell you: on Christmas morning I was so happy! For when I unwrapped my gift from my husband I found inside my beautiful vintage kimono clutch :)