Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Online shop is OPEN!

Dear All,

Kazuyo’s collection is now available online as shop. One more way we will stay closer.
Here is the web address of online shop. and home-goods

Hope you would enjoy One-of-a kind handmade clothings, bags, and homewares there!


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Neko展 Cats in Japanese culture Meiji period to 21st century

ねこ展”Neko” Cats in Japanese culture - Edo period to 21st century -

 In Brisbane, Maneki-neko(a happy come-come cat) has been becoming very popular at Japanese restaurants and retail shops. It is not only Maneki-neko, but there are many popular trendy cat characters in Japanese cultural history.

In the Edo period (1603-1868), Many woodblock printers printed cats motif arts such as Hokusai, Kuniyoshi, Utamaro, and in the Meiji era (1868-1912), the great novelist Soseki Natsume wrote the novel “I Am a Cat”, which became a famous masterpiece of Japanese literature. Even nowadays, cats have been getting more popular as some cultural trend character such as Name-neko(70s) ,Hello Kitty(70s-now), Cat café(2013-now) and more…

Japanese people have had a long relationship with cats for more than 1000 years. General people have also started having pet cats at home since several hundred years ago. Japanese people have also been involved with cats in a variety of ways since then. There are shrines that worship cats as gods across Japan and cats have also played a big part in folk beliefs through the ages.

 Under these historical cultural backgrounds, Japanese contemporary artists paint cats with their views. Mr. Takagi, a curator, who is leading Japanese art industry over 20 years in overseas and Japan, has collected about 5 emerging Japanese artists from Japan. This exhibition is a part of “Pop Japan in Brisbane” and will be held as a Machiya project of Kazuyo's collection at West end. Please visit and enjoy Japanese cultural history through cats!

 Date : 19th May 2016 opening
Place: Machiya project at. Kazuyo's collection, West end 195 Boundary street, West end
 Contact to
*this exhibition is a part of Pop Japan in Brisbane

 Artists of “Neko” Midori Furuhashi 
ふるはし美鳥 Painter Born in Hiroshima ,Japan in 1962 After graduated from Kyoto City University of Art in 1988 , she lived in New York City briefly.Employing the ancient materials of hand made paper , mineral pigment, and Sumi ink , Midori creates the radiant imaginative artworks.Cats are Midori’s recently themes, articulated in breathtakingly delicate brushworks and smartly subtle nuances in tone. 

Kenji Mera 目羅健嗣Painter                      
Born in 1962. After graduating from Chiba Economics Junior College Kenji Mera worked for as a librarian at his local city library. Mera resigned from his job after 10 years and turned to art making, with household cats as his exclusive subject matter. In the past 15 years Mera says he has painted more than 2000 cats. Tetsuji Yamaguchi 山口哲司Illustrator  Born in 1972. “Through the seasonal scenery, the plants, animals and most of all through the cats I depict, I want to express my idea of “Life”. I always strive to respect and cherish the birds, insects and plants, in other words, the life around me. To me cats are that symbol of life. Their casual expressions are the essence of harmony in my works.” After graduating Osaka College of Art attached Osaka University of Arts, started working in design office. Since the year 2002, working as free-lance illustrator. He continues to present his works at numerous exhibitions both locally and internationally. Sayuri Tobiwatari 飛渡さゆりPainter  Mio Murai 村井美緒Painter

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Artisan to mum's made - Handmade"Teshigoto"

I must have had a long deep sleep. I have just come back this blog since September 2013. About Teshigoto(Handwork) Kazuyo's collection at West end. See how it has been going? - There are about 40 artisans from profession artist to Japanese handmade at my small shop. Artisan(abc order) Akane hand and her mother (Vintage kimono craft) Akiko Mori – Forest (Jewelry) Carolyn Hawken (Saori weaving) Chieko Kadono (China painting) Claire Howard (Silver jewelry) Chisayo Lewis (Mini kitty, Japanese fabric crafts) Christine Wildman – Moonlight and Magnolia (Painter, fabric covered button’s picture) Design Askew (Jewelry) Kari (Ceramic and fabric) Gill Pyke (Origami and resin orchid Jewelry) Haruko Komoto (Vintage kimono teddy bear) Hiroko Nakagawa (Vintage kimono accessory and softy) Jan Pearce (Fabric and knitting craft work) Junko Saragih (Makurame Jewelry) Kazuyo Kashiwagi (kimono bag, Tenugui baby clothing) Keiko Chatterton, Marimo (Brass, Felt Jewelry) Kiyoko Irie (Vintage kimono accessory) Lynne Lyons (Fabric and knitting craft work) Manami (Origami) Mayumi Takamura (Tenugui Baby and Lady’s clothing with kimono fabric) Megan Grinstead, Urban Turkey Enterprises (laser cut tree object, recycled tyre belt) Michele Moon (Kumihimo Jewelry) Mike Fleming (Timber curved spoon) Natalie Billing (Eco dyed scarf and clothing, card) Quirky Birds (Accessory) Rumi Nakauchi (Origami crane earing) Sandi Harrold (Painting, card) Sandra Pearce (Print, Paper making, Journal binding) Saori Smith (jewelry) Sarah Deasy (Brass jewelry) Shin koyama (Artist/Collector, Paint and Ceramic) Stephen Roberts (Ceramic) Tomoko Botta (Kimono accessory and teddy bear) Tatiyana Densko (Felt, brooch) Tomomi Tanowaki, moonflower (Mizuhiki, fabric accessory, Japanese fabric clothing) Yasuyo Takashima (Felt, Toys and softy) Yuki Crawford (Hand woven scarf, painted gift tag) Yukiko Kuno, Binca design (Kimono accessory and bag) Yula You, Lane2 design (map earring)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CRAFT WORKSHOPS with kimono fabrics!

Create beautiful bags and other objects using vintage kimono fabrics. Reserve your spot today inside the shop! (Payment is required at the time of booking.) Workshops are held at Kazuyo’s Collection (195B Boundary St., West End) . For enquires, ask Kazuyo in the shop, or call her at 0432 821 568, or email her at ♥ PLAY WITH KIMONO FABRICS  •Every Tuesday 10:30am
to noon •$15 per session plus the cost of fabrics you use ($10 to 15/metre). Pick pieces of beautiful fabrics Kazuyo brings to her Tuesday class and make bags, accessories and whatever your imagination leads to. Kazuyo will offer you useful tips to help your idea take shape. The workshop fee paid at the time of booking includes Kazuyo’s clever advice and hiring of basic sewing tools such as sewing machines and needles. Cost of fabrics you buy for your activities will be paid at the end of each workshop. ♥ “TSUMAMI ZAIKU” with Kazuyo •Thursday 19 September 10:30am to noon Another class planned in mid October (date TBA) •$24 (including materials) “Tsumami Zaiku” is a Japanese technique to make a little flower from squares of silk fabrics. Each tiny square is folded into a single petal and collectively they make a flower. Follow Kazuyo’s instructions and use pretty vintage Kimono fabric to make your accessories using a Tsumami technique. ♥ BAG MAKING with Kazuyo •Thursday 24 October 10:30am to noon •$55 (including materials) In this class, Kazuyo shares her expertise to make a bag from Kimono vintage fabrics. Follow friendly instructions by Kazuyo, who has years of experience in creating different types of bags from beautiful vintage fabrics, and you will take your own Kimono bag at the end of the workshop.

Beginner’s NEEDLE-FELTING workshop at shop, West end!

Join Brisbane-based crafter Steve Lyons in his introductory felting workshop and learn to make three dimensional object! ◆Time: Saturday 26 October, 10:30am to 12:30 ◆Venue: Kazuyo’s Collection (195B Boundary St., West End) ◆Cost: $55 (All the tools and materials will be provided and yours to keep.) Reserve your spot today inside the shop! (Payment is required at the time of booking.) For enquires, ask Kazuyo in the shop, or call her at 0432 821 568, or email her at Steve is a local crafter who has been working in wool felting for a number of years and whose personal style tends towards whimsical faces. Steve says, “This class is a perfect introduction to needle-felting, sometimes called wool sculpting. “Whether you want to make teddy bears, figurines or other three dimensional creations, this class with introduce you to the basic skills to achieve that. “Learn how to take the beautiful medium of wool and transform it into a three dimensional object of beauty limited only by your imagination. “By the end of the class you will possess the skill to continue to our goal of being a needle-felting artist.”

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Handwork - TESHIGOTO, Kazuyo's collection has just reopened at West end!

Since I closed down the tiny shop at Paddington, I have been looking for a cozy, small space in Brisbane.
Finally, I found it on Boundary street, West end!

I opened the door last Monday. The West end local people have just started to call in my shop.

Shop address is;
195B Boundary street, West end 4101 QLD.

There are about 12 Artisans works in shop.  I will introduce each Artisan next time!

I will start workshops for remaking brooch, bag and clothing with Vintage/used kimono. (Currently Booking only!!! If interest email to
My accompany will occasionally one-off workshop for their hand craft work such as lino cut, binding, felting etc.

Further more information - please visie Facebook!

Hope see you soon at shop!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

20 vintage kimono bags to Brisbane Grammar Art Show

 After finished The Botanique Bazaar at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Garden. Last 2 weeks, I made 20 Vintage kimono bags for Brisbane Grammar Art Show(Open Day). This year, I still stuck with SHOBORI, but also Vintage sash and Vintage Girl's red kimonos. I am pretty happy for the finished. Most of all designs are very classic in my works. 

The art show, There are many works for painting, sculpture, pottery. I saw many famous painter's works from Lethbridge Gallery(Paddington) too.

I appreciate the BGS still keep inviting me to the show. Many thanks! ARIGATO.
Shibori Haori (Jacket)bag with a brooch

Shibori kimono, Lady's kimono

 Vintage sash "Nishijin" (20's) with Brown leather
Shibori kimono, Vintage sash(20's)

 Vintage sash (Taisho era, Nishijin) with red leather

 Modern sash bag and purse

 Vintage girl's kimonos(20-50's) Vintage red is gorgeous!

The following vegetables in my daughter's hand, which is harvested from my garden. It's also beautiful!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kimono bag 2012 and Botanique event

Time fly! I have not updated my blog for 6 months.

During the last 6months, I did moving, looking after daughter(Mother knows our main job, It's driver!!!) and gardening, etc... I also start to learn SUMIE(Japanese painting) every week and I am enjoying very much with Mrs Kojima, Sumie Master every week. And Just now, I am back as a vintage kimono lover to make kimono bags. People always looking for something new. I have been thinking all the time if I should challenge new design or mix with other materials, like that. However, my policy is still same, recycle and reuse vintage kimono as a practical use. So, I will keep making bags more and more this year too!

The first poster is the event "Botanique" There are many unique wearable art work with unique background artists. The catwalk must be fun. I will join as a kimono bag maker for the Bazaar and forward the 20 bags and other works from 4th July to 15th July at the Richard Randall Studio, Brisbane Botanic Garden, Mt. Coot-tha, Toowong. The part of money will be donated to the garden. Please visit and have a look!

The messanger bag for practical user! I tried marketing research with my previous customer's shop "Pink on wall" at Graceville. The red SHIBORI must be nice, It's gone quickly!
I still love small kimono bag....So keep making as main work. I like Black and Red combination!
By the way, Do you know what the following flower is ? We can eat it.


Okura's flower is a group of Hibiscus. I did not know about it. How beautiful and pretty it is!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vintage kimono bags for West End people

Here is the super vintage kimono bags for "West End" mixed artists exhibition from 1st Dec.

Can you believe if the red kimono is the lining of Meisen Haori(Kimono Jacket)?
It might be Taisho era, 1910's to ....

Very good condition and it's cotton. I use the Haori "inside outside". Meisen top surface is the lining of the bag. The lining is now the top surface of kimono bag.
 Tomesode kimono is one of my favourite. It's also 1910's to....(Taisho era)

Why are the bags patched a lot? as design?? I avoid stains and hole of insect's bite

One more following event for Christmas Bazaar at Mt. Coot-tha Botanic Garden. There are many local artists reasonable art and craft works in the Bazaar. Also "Origami box making workshop" on 2nd Dec 2011. If interested, Contact to Bettina 0405 402 340

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scrap timber stool project 2011 - Finally DONE!

The scrap timber is beautifully revived by Daryl O'Brien and his accompany.

At the beginning of this year, he took me Darra joinery. There were the mountains of scrap timbers in there. How sad, environmentally not happy too!

Here is a release for this 20 limited edition's stools. Please read through. It's just stool. But we can see the beauty of timber's nature!!

The need for a multi-purpose but aesthetically appealing furniture object using recycled materials lead to this simple scrap timber stool composition featuring a“Tsugi-hagi (patching the scrap textiles on cloths)” motif.
Tsugi-hagi, it was common for everyday cloths to make the life longer in Japan.

The stool will also show the variety of timber’s beauty which is those original features such as “Hakone Yosegi zaiku”

This simple piece can be multiplied to expand its use as seats, table, stand or shelving. Otherwise it can be a
simple stand alone piece of art to be simply enjoyed for the beautiful hues radiated by each timber strip.

The uniqueness of each piece is preserved because each stool has variable timber species fixed in random widths and hues not seen in the next stool.

The stool construction is simple glued and clamped timbers without any fixings.

The project bought together various artists and skilled craft persons:

Overall concept and Japanese vintage fabrics ; Kazuyo Kashiwagi

Detail design and construction; Bloc; Daryl O’Brien

Motif configuring and typography; Gemma O’Brien

Timber scraps from Darra Joinery ; John, Tony and Jill.

Various Australasian timber species were randomly selected including cedars, silky oaks, jarrah, rosewood,
silver ash, pine, mahogany and kwila.

Other contributors included Brizsteel (steel jig), Hermann Schoenhart (laser cutting), CNC Creations (branding iron), Ed Mcdonnell and Taiki Yamoako (Bloc construction) and Paddington Hardware (Danish oil and Mother of Pearl natural bees wax.

Many thanks for all!
If interested this 20 limited edition, please contact to Daryl O'Brien

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

stitch art - "Sea of Okinawa" with Japanese vintage kimono

 I have enjoyed "運針 UNSHIN - handling simple stitch".

"The sea of Okinawa" Quiet, not much wave, Blue and white....

The textiles are ; Cotton"Kasuri"and Ai-zome",  Hemp "Chijimi" on the 50s Summer Zabuton(Cushion) cover. It looks very cool(temperature's cool!!), isn't it!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Japanese indigo scrap art with scrap timber frame

 Title is "Pray -Ojizo-san" made with Japanese indigo scrap textile.
 As a part or scrap timber project, I asked my friend, Daryl O'Brien to frame the picture with scrap timber.
Finally, the picture turn out looks like a little shrine!

I made a few Japanese indigo scrap arts, "Freedom - escape from moon", "24 hours guard - Kakashi" All goes to the following mixed Exhibition at Hanasho, West End.

The exhibition is organised by Hanasho. There are many talented artists who love West End. The works are also unique painting, jewelry, softy, pottery.... The artist night is on 1st Dec from 6:30 - 8:30. Please pop in!

I am still enjoying to make kimono bag too..