Sunday, July 29, 2012

20 vintage kimono bags to Brisbane Grammar Art Show

 After finished The Botanique Bazaar at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Garden. Last 2 weeks, I made 20 Vintage kimono bags for Brisbane Grammar Art Show(Open Day). This year, I still stuck with SHOBORI, but also Vintage sash and Vintage Girl's red kimonos. I am pretty happy for the finished. Most of all designs are very classic in my works. 

The art show, There are many works for painting, sculpture, pottery. I saw many famous painter's works from Lethbridge Gallery(Paddington) too.

I appreciate the BGS still keep inviting me to the show. Many thanks! ARIGATO.
Shibori Haori (Jacket)bag with a brooch

Shibori kimono, Lady's kimono

 Vintage sash "Nishijin" (20's) with Brown leather
Shibori kimono, Vintage sash(20's)

 Vintage sash (Taisho era, Nishijin) with red leather

 Modern sash bag and purse

 Vintage girl's kimonos(20-50's) Vintage red is gorgeous!

The following vegetables in my daughter's hand, which is harvested from my garden. It's also beautiful!!!

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