Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shibori - Japanese tied dye

The one of beauty of kimono textile which I like is Shibori,tied dye. I love it and have used the shibori kimono for making the kimono bags since 2004.

The shibori which I did at my primary school was the above.

The following picture's shibori is special. It's made with a couple of different shibori , It was for high class people long time ago.The following picture's are a hand tied dye and a machine made. Do you know the difference between??

Anyway, I like SHOBORI!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gamaguchi long strap kimono bag - Is this practical??

This is a vintage kimono bag with Gamaguchi style, long strap. I used the last gamaguchi long strap for 3 weeks myself.

It's not the practical size for daily, even party. I put a mobile, a wallet, a key ring.

And it was a full...

So I was thinking a practical and party use.

the bag of picture will be working for any person's bag which is for a mobile, a wallet, a key ring and your memo kits! Hope so!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jyuban - underwear of kimono

Please have a look the picture.It's a kimono bag. Yes, but it's made of a underwear of kimono called "Jyuban".

Jyuban is the original Portuguese of "Jibaun gibão" copied word sounds.
There are the 2 type of Jubans;

1. Hada jyuban - "Hada" means skin in Japanese. Hada jyuban is worn on skin directly. It's normally made of cotton.

2. Naga jyuban - "Naga" means long in Japanese. Naga jyuban is a full length underwear which is worn between Hada jyuban and kimono. It's a sort of business shirt under men's jacket.

Most Jyuban is made of very thin silk, so it was hard for me to use for the kimono bags.

The kimono bag is made of the vintage naga jyuban using a glue between kimono and interface without damage!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Practical test has been done for "GAMAGUCHI" kimono purse!

Gamaguchi - It has been popular in Australia. Finally, I also tried to make the vintage kimono purse "Gamaguchi style"and use for 3 weeks.

Now, I have tested and OK for glue, strap and structure. I will forward to Artisan(Craft Queensland) and Hanasho(Westend) soon!

It's so popular, but with long strap and Japanese indigo. Looks OK???

Friday, April 22, 2011

- My favourite sites " Upcycling "

When I started, I was making the shirts, jackets, skirts, kid's dress, and origami objects with Vintage kimono and selling at the Southbank weekend market, Brisbane.

The concept of all works was for me and my daughter originally.

As same as you, I started upcycling naturally in my family. Using my family's unused kimono and upcycled new clothing for my family.

This year, I will be back to "the starting point" which I will focus on upcycling the kimonos.
It will be not only handbags, I will also start....(when Sample is ready, I will update)

But it should be the practical products.

The following are my favourite sites about "upcycling"

Junky fashion
Merci upcycling exhibition

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jenny Henzell -Resin work, Botanique Bazaar

The Easter school holiday has started. So Mothers must be busier than normal!!
I am also a mother for the 9 years old daughter.
Since I closed down my shop, I spent a bit more time with my daughter and a bit more time for a social/community activities.

By the way, a few months ago, I promised to show a resin work by Jenny Henzell. the picture is her works. She is enjoying any materials such as paper, lino cut, picture, textile etc in resin!

The picture is still not enough to see the details.....I am sorry.

Anyway, Have a happy Easter! from Kazuyo

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Universal Blue exhibition in Paris- Japanese indigo kimono bag

The pictures are the bags which I used Japanese indigo kimono -summer cotton kimono"yukata"(hand dyed), men's wool kimono(hand weaved). I looked the old article of my blog in 2008. I noticed that I was enjoying the indigo kimono. The reason why I have stopped making the indigo bags is; The vintage indigo kimono is pretty expensive now.
However, I feel really start to use the indigo kimono this year. The colour makes me very "calm down" - meditation and medication effect is big!

The exhibition was held this March 2011.

By the way, Yesterday, I had the kimono and paper flower workshop at Botanique Bazaar.

Thanks a lot for participants. I had the 2 session on that day. the 2nd class was a proper size and everybody finished 2 items. However, the 1st class was too big and I was sorry for everyone.

Anyway, I will try to improve the workshop style included ENGLISH EXPLANATION!!

Next Blog, I will have the workshop on my blog with pictures.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

kimono necklace - traditional craft technique

It's the first day to have a whole day for making kimono craft!

Today, the weather is very nice(cool!). So, I have done a tiny world with the vintage kimono scrap.

Jewellery making is totally different with handbag making.

Actually more enjoyable "Textile features".

The both of 2 picture's work - I use the traditional technique.

However, combination with metal and leather makes "contemporary atmosphere"

I will show the real works at theBazaar(Brisbane Botanic garden) from 13 April!
The info of Bazaar - Please have a look the last article!