Thursday, August 4, 2011

The scrap textilles on kimono bag2 - upcycled as a modern style!

The artist night of Kizuna Fundraising Art Exhibition to Help Japan was successfully held last night!
I was a volunteer's cashier, so not much chance to talk with visitors. However, I felt very much that all visitors love Japan and support us!

The pictures are my new works which I told in the last article. Kizuna(means Bond) exhibition gave me new world "Bond between Kimono and Western textiles. Of course, I am focusing "RECYCLE" and "SCRAP" So, I got many small scraps such as 5-10cm.
 I like the "see through"! The base of textile is Vintage kimono sash. But the bag revived very new and modern, didn't it!
I also like "classy" kimono bag too!

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