Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scrap timber project - An idea from Hakone yosegi-saiku

As an experiment of the scrap project, I made a multi-purpose timber stall with timber scrap with Daryl O'Brien. There are the variety of species, colour's timber as garbages at a joinery shop.

When I saw the mountain of timber scrap, I remembered the two techniques of Japanese traditional wooden work. "Hakone yosegi-zaiku" with  dovetail joint technique.

As soon as the first work done, I have been using for a couple of months as a Japanese tea table with my daughter, side table for TV remote controller, a stall for adult etc. It's small stall, but pretty heavy and very stable for any purpose of use. The first idea was "no more throw to Bin!", so we can use as a shelf for kid's, table, side table, stall further more....

From now, we will start next challenge....

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