Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sea creatures with Felted wool

Fly - already at the mid of Feb 2011. Starting with heavy snowing in Japan, Flood in QLD, and now earthquake at NZ. We feel something wrong on earth and hope everything will be on the track soon....

Here is "Sea creatures" by Jen Henzell. She knitted and felted the pure 100% wool.

The works is on the window at Kazuyo's collection until the end of Feb.

The works might lead you to a peaceful nature world.

I lost Camera last Dec, then I could not show any works. Yesterday I got new mobile. So I can take pictures with Mobile. But I am an dinosaur, so very hard to use new technology!!!

The quality of pictures are always not enough to show on blog.

However I wanna share the beautiful handmade works. Hope you can enjoy....

Necklace made by Design Askew, The scrap Leather&kimono brooch by me, earring rasin earings by Jen Henzell(Sorry Can not see well, I will try to show the details again)

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