Thursday, September 30, 2010

Current artisan - Kazuyo's collection Paddington

Hi, I have not introduced the great craft people in my shop yet. Today, I am introducing my accompanies.

Japanese painting(日本画) - Yoko Murakami Brisbane
Calligraphy(書道) - Yumi Brisbane
linocut - Francis Brisbane, Raquel Brisbane
Woodblock print - Nagao gallery Asakusa Tokyo

Kimono bear - Haruko Brisbane
Japanese contemporary textile craft(purse etc)- Double happiness(Keiko Brisbane)
Textile corsage - Atelier Apple
Newspaper brooch - Keiko's mother Japan
cloisonne(七宝焼)- Haruko's mother Japan

Sashiko picture, kimono craft works - Takako

Jewellery - Uminico(Yumiko Nii Tokyo), Marimo(Keiko Brisbane), Jenny Brisbane,
Kimono Jewellery - Kimono reincarnate (Melanie) Brisbane

And Green tea - Aya Green Tea (Aya Brisbane), Aya's family tea company, Shizuoka Japan

Special contributor(Volunteer staff!!) - Japanese vintage kimono, ceramic ware buyer - My parents

At last I am still loving vintage kimono recycle work as a vintage kimono bag maker!!

Next week also coming new works such as the lovely Wool felt chokers, earrings(Marimo, Keiko), Kimono picture with the beautiful vintage timber framing(Bloc Daryl O'Brien)

A tiny shop(workshop), but many unique artisan's work at Kazuyo's collection, Paddington QLD.
I appreciate very much for the past and current accompanies. Arigato!!! And please keep watching our works too!

Volunteer kimono buyer - My parents

New artisan Marimo(Keiko)
please don't miss her new work- the wool felt chokers are so gorgeous, so a couple of paddington's popular shop owners asked her where she got from!

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