Friday, October 15, 2010

Vintage kimono bag with NZ leather

Today was the deadline for "Cherish 2010" Artisan(Craft Queensland) Christmas showcase. So I dropped the 10 vintage kimono bags off to the Craft Queensland after finished my work.
This year, I bought the industrial machine for using the leathers for my vintage kimono world.
I wannted to make the practical bags...I always worried about the life of the vintage kimono bag.
The fine leather's life is very long. On the other hand, the vintage kimono has very short life.
However, such as the sash in the above picture, there are strong enough to combine with leathers.
What I found through the leather work, The kimono and sash's patterns are matched with leather.
My meaning is that Vintage kimono has strong enough uniqueness which is matched with leather!

Can you understand what I want to say?

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