Friday, October 8, 2010

Vintage kimono picture framed with Vintage timber from Grace Brothers department

Hi, the picture is "the vintage wedding gown framed with the vintage timber".

I really wanna show the detail of timber and textile, but very sorry, the quality of picture is not enough to show it.

The timber is NZ Kauri pine tree which was used at the lobby of a lift in Broadway, Grace Brothers department store, Sydney.

A builder, my friend holds the timber and I asked to frame the gown.

It is a vintage collaboration between Japanese and Australian materials.

Both age is about the 100 years old.

Now the materials have revived as a picture.

Now, the picture displays at the window of Kazuyo's collection at Paddington, if you are Brisbane people, Please have a look the real one!!

About Grace Bros, a nice article and pictures, here , in the web of Historic Houses Trust.,_1890-1960/grace_bros_

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