Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Japanese garden idea- my home

When I come back to my home(parent's house). A Kokeshi doll and Flower is the entrance host for me to say "Welcome back!" before I see my parents. A Kokeshi and flower are changed each season. the picture was Autumn. That's why Momiji(Autumn leaves) doll and Chrysanthemum was.
When I back to Brisbane, always the frogs(KAERU) say "good-bye". "KAERU" means "FROG" and "Back to home" The statue means that "Please come back safely next time too!"
The following are a couple of pictures in my dad's garden. The garden is a pretty standard in the country side of Japan. That means maybe... easy to put the taste in your garden!

Stone bridge, garden lantern

Nanten(nandin), Matsu(pine tree), Momiji(fallen leaves)


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