Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kimono Museum in Fukusima & Jidai Matsuri in Kyoto

Hi, If you have a plan to visit in Japan now, you might be able to enjoy Autumn leaves and there are many events going on !

Here are a couple of information

Jidai-matsuri 22 Oct, Kyoto - The event is the one of very traditional event since 1895. For the detail is info, Please look at the website!

For kimono lovers

  • Try to wear kimono and walk around Kyoto! "Kyoto kimono station" at Kyoto station has a rental kimono place with reasonable price, The photo service is also available.
  • Kimono Museum(日本きもの文化美術館)Please have a look the following web( )!
    Unfortunately no English site, but the museum displays kimonos(Edo to Showa era). Tohoku area is also beautiful place for Autumn leaves. If you visit in Fukushima, It will be a nice experience for the vintage kimono world!

How many plants and traditional patterns can you see in the above picture?

This is the "TOMESODE" formal lady's kimono(The dress code of Japanese lady!) for married persons.

The main feature are; there are 5 family crests on the back, 2 sleeves and 2 chests / The pattern on the hem(bottom) of kimono / short sleeves

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glennjf said...

I think the Kimono Museum would be fantastic place to visit.

I use google to translate into english the Japanese websites you put here. :)

Here is what I do...

Use google website.

Copy address of Japanese website into google search field.

Click on "Search".

The website should appear at the top of list of results. Beside it (right hand side) should be a link saying "Translate the page".

Click on "Translate this page" link to get to translated to english webpage.

You can copy the address of the translated website and share it like this...

note:This does not work with every Japanese website.

The "translated" Japanese is done by computer so the result in English is not always completely accurate to the Japanese but you can get a general idea what is being written about at the Japanese website.

Hope this is a help :)