Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vintage black kimono dress

Hi, Sorry, I have still not bought a camera, so I can not show my current works....(Please wait for a while, I will show new works with vintage kimono soon!!!)
The picture's dress was made of a women's formal kimono which is called "TOMESODE". Tomesode is black colour and normally family crest on the sleeves and back, also some bright cerebration pattern on the bottom of kimono, such as crane, peacock, flowers ocean waves etc.
In Japan, even wedding reception, women wear the black kimono as formal dress.
Tomesode is one of my favourite kimono as hanging on the wall, reforming to dress, bag.
At the moment a couple of Tomesodes at my shop. If interest, please pop in my shop and have a look!
Kazuyo's collection (98 Latrobe tce Paddington Brisbane)

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