Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tea ceremony at Paddington

Hi, all,

Just a event news, I will have "Japanese tea cermony and tea session" on 15th May(Sat) from 10:30 at 106A Latrobe tce, Paddington, Brisbane.

It's free event and if you are interest, please pop in!!

Tea ceremony master is HARUKO, Japanese tea instructor is Aya from Aya green tea.

Hope see you then!!



Anonymous said...
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Deborah Evans said...


Do you still make and sell vintage kimono bags? If so where can I buy them from?

Regards & Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Yes anybody can buy my works, kimono bags, others at my shop(98 Latrobe Tce Paddington).
Now Vintage kimono purse, bag with leather. more expanded design!