Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby vintage kimono bear

Can you see the picture as "a bear"? Maybe not, but hope yes!!!

The bear is my first work for the one of my customer's little grand daughter. She asked me the bear without plastics.
I picked a vintage cotton kimono for the main part, shibori kimono for a ears, paws, a part of face, and tomesode(black kimono) for eyes.

When I completed, my impression "BUSAIKU!!!(it's not cute!)" But once I hold and stared the bear, "you were born now, hope she likes it...!".

It's a big different between making kimono handbags. My feeling is as same as looking after my daughter....

Last time I introduced the lovely vintage kimono teddy bear made by Haruko. I know now, how she likes teddy bears!! And also her Bear's face must be reflected her warm heart!!

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