Sunday, May 15, 2011

Japanese red "Beni" and Japanese indigo "Ai" - kimono bag

When I started making vintage kimono bags long time ago. It was popular the combination between red kimono and denim textiles.
For a while, I had not used much a red kimono until I am "re"-interested in Japanese indigo textiles.

About the indigo - Such as KASURI and TSUMUGI of  the vintage indigo's kimono are so expensive recently. So, I start using "Yukata - summer cotton kimono, after 80's"

Since enjoying the Japanese indigo world, I had a fresh feeling the combination "Red" and"Indigo"
That's more than red and black!!

 The bag is not for party, but match with your casual wear..especially, white, black, denim, red, and indigo's.
The picture's bag is available on line shopping,
The bags are made of;
Vintage girl's kimono (50's)
Hand dye indigo with natural plant (back and strap)
2 yukatas -Summer cotton indigo kimono
and offcuts leather, black kimono  ANYWAY, you will be able to enjoy the 3 different indigo!

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