Friday, November 5, 2010

Vintage kimono bag with tomesode and the cousin's collection at West End

Hi, this year, I have been enjoying to make the kimono bags with Tomesode(Formal dress code for Japanese kimono lady) and Shibori(tied dye).

The top picture's bag were made with Tomesode's sleeve(Family crest) and a 100yrs vintage kimono sash(Obi). The bottom picture's were made with Tomesode.

These bags give you some idea about Japanese four season's plants and landscape too!
(Sorry I still use my mobile for taking picture. So not enough to enjoy the pictures)

There are more TOMESODE kimono bags at Kazuyo's collection now. You might feel Japanese traditional dress code too!

Here is an information from the one of my accompany at Kazuyo's collection, Jenny who makes the beautiful resin jewellery.

She will have an Exhibition "the cousins' collection" with her family who are very talented for paintings.

Date: 27 Nov (Sat) to 1 Dec (Wed) 2010
Opening night 26 Nov Fri 6pm to 10pm
Place: Circle Gallery at 274 Montague Road West End QLD

Artists: Rhyl Henzell, Jenny Henzell, Bronwyn Searle and Philip Gough

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