Thursday, July 1, 2010

vintage kimono bag with leather

I have just done my next goal how the vintage kimono revive as a long life!!
The vintage kimono has a history which somebody enjoyed "kimono life" and finally came out in the antique market". I have been making the vintage kimono bags for 5 years. But always worry about the bag's life. Especially, The corner of bottom of bags.
This year, I had a chance to get an industrial sewing machine. It's not for mass production, it's for the leather's work. As you feel that kimono and black is a matching colour, That means leather should be matching with vintage kimonos!! I really would like show the real these works.
If you live in around Brisbane, please have a look my new works. It will make you happy feeling for vintage kimonos.
Kazuyo's collection
98 Latrobe tce Paddington, Brisbane

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