Sunday, May 11, 2008

New sightseeing spots(Museum) in TOKYO

This time, I would like to introduce new sightseeing spots in Tokyo. I visited both museums on Jan. It was fun and amazing place!!!

The Edo Tokyo Museum (see the web)
The Exhibition consists of 3 zones 'Edo''Tokyo''The city and history'. You can see the Edo period to the Modern Japan through the exhibits and shows. I liked "the models of the town" which I slipped back in the time! There is a great gift shop where you can buy the traditional Japanese small gifts, toys.

- The national museum of Emerging science and Innovation (see
the web)
Just have a look the web! Just amazing place to see the forefront of technology in all fields.

*Both museums - Volunteer English guide available on the site, ask to receptonists!

Kaz(Kazuyo Kashiwagi)

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