Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Setsubun 3rd of Feb- The close of winter "Bring happiness of 2010!" with throwing beans
I have not updated my blog yet. Sorry.. I will start to introduce Japanese culture with my words again. Please enjoy the parts of Japan with my funny English!!
"Setsubun" means "Winter has gone" and the day was the end of winter in calender. On the evening of 3rd of Feb, people throw roasted beans inside and outside of their houses with yelling "Oni wa soto(Devils out) Fuku wa uchi(Good luck in)!" Japanese people wanna invite good luck in. The event also customary to eat the beans as same as one's age. it is a kind of "Good health for each family members"
I myself last year was a bit hard, so I did with my family "Oni wa soto! Fukuwa uchi!!!"
I reopened my shop "Kazuyo's collection at 98 Latrobe Tce paddington. Please come and enjoy a tiny Japanese culture world which There are Japanese art and craft, tea also my favourite kimono, kimono sash there.

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